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From the Top Down

Our sheds have corrugated rooftop panels to direct water away and avoid puddling. Roofs also include a ridge cap to prevent leaks in the center. When you look up inside a Lark shed, you see that the lag bolts in the top plate and the dado cut into the wood frame provide additional holding power. These sheds can be wired for outside lighting, a custom fan, and other appliances. For instance, we can add an electrical box onto the top of the shed to connect a fan. The studs in the sheds are connected diagonally with 18-gauge heavy steel dadoed into the wood with "T" wall-bracing for superior strength and durability. Wood framed sheds can withstand up to 160 MPH wind gusts, and metal framed ones can withstand up to 175 MPH gusts, an important feature in Southern, Florida. We set the building on cinder blocks to ensure unobstructed air and water flow. If you have a cement slab you want your shed placed on, we can install it without the flooring system and attach it to your cement slab. Features of these high-quality sheds include the following:

Shed With Door Open

• Steel Hat Channel for Roof Assembly
• No Seam At Ridge
• Rafter & Stud Connected With Double Top Plate to Ensure Solid, Robust Strength
• Corner Bolt Connection On Vaulted Wall Building
• Bolt Connection 12" On Center Overlaps to Form a True Tie-Beam.
• Double Lag Bolted & Hurricane Clipped Skid End
• Six 4" Galvanized Lag Bolts for Mortising Floor Skids
• Rigid 23/32 Treated Tongue & Groove Plywood for Floor
• Dadoed 4 x 6s Support Floor
• Plated Deck Screws Secure Floor
• Diamond Plate Thresholds for Strength and Durability

Warranties & Guarantees

The floor system includes a 20-year warranty that covers all flooring and foundation work that we do. When you purchase a Lark shed, you also get a 30-year warranty on the roof. We guarantee that your shed will pass inspection after we install it as well live up to the warranty of the shed.