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Standard Shed Options

When you buy a Lark shed from South West Sheds, you have some decisions to make. On all of our sheds are custom build to your specific needs by choosing from the many options available.

Shed Doors

Our hinged doors come with a standard lock and four heavy-duty hinges. They are cut in the jamb for deadbolt standard, and we can bore holes for optional installation. We have a choice of door widths: 36", 46", 60" and double doors.

Roll-Up Doors

These doors make it easier to get big things, such as lawmowers, bikes, motorcycles, or golf carts, in and out of your shed as well as allow you to open things up for full airflow or more light. Roll-up doors include diamond plating on the bottom for durability and quality as well as standard locks. You can have us drill holes for installing deadbolts for added security. They are opened and closed using a rope or handle.


All Lark sheds come with standard electrical wiring and fixtures, including a switch with GFI; galvanized conduit with premium 12-gauge single-strand wire.The wire ends are located at the bottom of the door for easy connection to your power source. When you order your shed, you can add any of the following:

  • 220V Outlet 110V Outlet
  • Standard Light Switches
  • 3-Way Switches
  • Exterior Light Fixtures


For proper airflow, you need a way for the air to come in a way for it to access. If you do not put any windows in your shed, we recommend gable vents for proper airflow. We offer 12" x12" finned aluminum extrusions vents that are more efficient than standard screens and keep out bees, flies, and other pests. You can also choose to add a 8 Foot Ridge vent

Wall Heights

Standard walls are 6.7' high; however, you can opt for walls up to 8' tall. The peak of the shed will typically be anywhere from 9' to 10' high. You can maximize your available storage space in Southern, Florida when you opt for high walls combined with a loft.

Porch Sheds

South West Sheds offers porch sheds, which are designed to look like a small house. Shed roofing covers the shed and the porch at the same time. Every model and size of Lark shed can be made with a porch and in any size you request. If you want an 8' porch and a 4' interior we can do that. Porch sheds make great pool cabanas, guest houses, children's playhouses, and pet houses. 

Workbenches & Lofts

Lofts put otherwise dead space to use and are perfect for storing things that you only need once a year, such as Christmas decorations, or that you want to store up off of the ground. Lark lofts have a metal frame and a wooden shelf and can support a few hundred pounds and optional electrical outlets. You can have a loft included at any height you choose. 


An insulated shed can help protect the items you store in it from extreme heat, block out unwanted noise, and contribute to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside when using it as a workspace. Insulation with a 2" vinyl backing can be factory installed in just the ceiling or the ceiling and wall.

Air-Conditioning Preparation

Have your wood or metal Lark shed ready for the installation of an air conditioner when it arrives. We can frame a standard size opening or custom frame your wall based on the size of your air conditioning unit so you can slide it right in without taking up window space. 

Available Colors

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